The 10 Best AI Art Styles You Should Try
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The 10 Best AI Art Styles You Should Try

AI art generators allow you to create anything, regardless of your artistic ability. You can use a variety of AI Art Styles to turn your ideas into works you’ll be proud of. Explore the best ones.

1. Minimalism

Your images will be more simple and minimalistic if you use minimalist designs. It uses simple shapes, less colors, blank spaces around the main subject, and fewer items in the foreground.

Popular colors are black, white and neutrals. When using more than one color, the colors tend to have a muted tone. Text and other elements are minimal. The art speaks for itself.

The image below is produced by using the prompt ” Illustration of a robot made from puzzle pieces on a background purple“. The image is a mixture of colors in various shades and tones. It has a high visual weight because of the many elements and intricate details.

The minimalist AI art style can be used to create designs that aren’t too complex or cluttered.

The minimalist version is a simplified image that eliminates unnecessary details and complexity. The image is also limited in color, with only shades of violet.


2. Surrealism

Surrealist AI images are usually filled with imaginative, dreamlike and, sometimes, bizarre or unsettling elements.

You can expect to see the subject placed in unexpected contexts, or juxtaposed in surprising manners when you ask one of many AI-art generators to create surrealist styled images. Surrealist art is meant to shock viewers from their usual modes of perception.

Surprising imagery, unlikely combinations, and strange perspectives are used in order to create feelings such as surprise, curiosity, or discomfort. Surrealism is more interested in the mysterious, absurd and irrational than what one would expect.

The same prompt can be used, but the AI art creator is asked to use a surrealist style. This creates an unexpected and unique result.

The surrealist version combines a clock with a strange tree in an uneasy, bizarre way.

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