27 Feb, 2024
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Spectacular Nature-Winning Photos From The Monochrome Photography Awards » Design You Trust

Winter Story by Bin Zhang, 1st place winner The 2023 Monochrome Photography Awards celebrate the creativity and artistry inherent in black-and-white photography. Photographers from around the globe submit their best monochromatic images each year to highlight its beauty and potency. More: Monochrome Photography Awards, Instagram The Leader by Xavier Ortega, 2nd place winner Among the […]

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Capturing the Essence of Industrial Elegance in French Poster Art by René Ravo » Design You Trust

René Ravo, born in 1904 in Étampes, France, emerged as a prominent French poster designer and illustrator despite a challenging start. Orphaned at nine, Ravo’s early ambitions in drawing were cut short by the necessity to work in automobile mechanics. His mechanical background became an asset during his service in the military, allowing him to […]

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Amazing Early 20th-Century Optical Illusion Skull Postcards » Design You Trust

In the early 20th century, optical illusions skull postcards were very popular in Europe. “Intended to cause the viewer to reflect on the inevitability of mortality and the consequent foolishness of all human ambition,”Vanitas and Memento Mori are the two names for these paintings. Metamorphic skulls have always been one of the most popular optical […]

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Unveiling the Ghia Super-Arrow’s Atomic Future Aesthetic » Design You Trust

Jason Battersby is a Munich-based designer who has created a retro-futuristic vehicle called the Ghia Super-Arrow Concept Car as an homage to the 1950s- and 1960s-era Ghia concept cars. It is a stunning hybrid of the past and the future. It takes inspiration from the Dodge Firearrow II & IV and features a wide front […]

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Vintage Postcards of Giant Trees in the Early 20th Century » Design You Trust

“Giant,” Santa Cruz Big Trees Trees have always provided us with food and oxygen, two basic necessities for our survival. As we developed, they provided us with more necessities, such as tools, medicine, shelter, and other materials. As their role grows to meet the needs created by our modern lifestyles, trees’ value is still rising […]

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Vintage Photos of Soviets Taking Pictures with Their First Televisions » Design You Trust

Artists Anna Pilipyuk and Vladimir Shipotilnikov recalled how the TV was a source of pride in the Soviet Union for their project “My First TV.” They gathered pictures of people between World War II and Perestroika taking pictures with their television sets. h/t: vintag.es In the late 1920s, televisions were introduced in America. The first […]

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Dudi Ben Simon Uses Photo Blending to Redefine Our Understanding of Reality in His Digital Artistry » Design You Trust

Dudi Ben-Simon, an Israeli artist, has made a major impact on the art world through his ability to combine different objects into striking visual pieces. He uses a method that is similar to the Readymade movement. He transforms ordinary items by removing from their usual context and reimagining in new, narrative rich contexts. Simon’s artistic […]