27 Feb, 2024
1 min read

Amazing Early 20th-Century Optical Illusion Skull Postcards » Design You Trust

In the early 20th century, optical illusions skull postcards were very popular in Europe. “Intended to cause the viewer to reflect on the inevitability of mortality and the consequent foolishness of all human ambition,”Vanitas and Memento Mori are the two names for these paintings. Metamorphic skulls have always been one of the most popular optical […]

2 mins read

Vintage Postcards of Giant Trees in the Early 20th Century » Design You Trust

“Giant,” Santa Cruz Big Trees Trees have always provided us with food and oxygen, two basic necessities for our survival. As we developed, they provided us with more necessities, such as tools, medicine, shelter, and other materials. As their role grows to meet the needs created by our modern lifestyles, trees’ value is still rising […]