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Janice Goldberg lives in Toronto and is a comic book artist. She has a BFA, and a professional background in creating humorous illustrations. Her work has appeared on the covers of publications such as Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated. You can find more of her work at her Instagram account, @janicegoldbergart.

Janice is now developing a graphic biography after focusing on raising a family. It’s Not About You, a witty and honest account of the heart-wrenching feelings that come with supporting a daughter through the adversity posed by complex chronic illness. She spoke about this project during the Graphic Medicine Conference held in Toronto. She is improving her storytelling skills by taking the Year Long Certificate Course at the Sequential Artists Workshop.

This Medical Gaslighting comic has been created for the Sequential artists’ workshop nonfiction anthology. News againIt was published in July of 2023. It will be included in her graphic memoir either expanded or as it is now.

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