Fantastic Four – Volume 07 Issue 16
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Fantastic Four – Volume 07 Issue 16

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My Rating

Rating: 4 out 5.

“Exalted Imagination”

Back to school, back to school, to prove time travel didn’t make us a fool. The Fantastic Four, still stung by the Baxter Building incident in New York, decide to settle down in Arizona. As the adults focus on normalizing their family units, Franklin, Valeria, N’kalla, and Jo-venn have been given a new mission. Survive in the social jungles that are the Arizona public schools.

The Kree warrior children and Skrull warriors are instant hits with their earthling counterparts. Franklin and Valeria have different challenges. Yes, who doesn’t love space exploring spawns of superheroes? With their coolness comes more homework. Their science instructor, Ms. Furugori has just assigned to her class an epic essay on 17.thRobert Boyle is a century alchemist. Which one of Boyle’s theoretical inventions will the Richards kids pick to write about? Write about it, or better yet, make it real! Extra credit, boom!

How many theorized innovations did Robert Boyle include on his wish list Will N’kalla and Jo-venn ever learn to report global catastrophes to their parents? Franklin and Valeria are improvising their way through science class? Collect the series and find out!  

Reviewer Notes

N’kalla and Jo-venn are quickly becoming my favorite members of the Fantastic Four. Now that they know how to tattle, I expect the dramatics of Johnny and Ben to take a back seat. Where was Johnny Storm in this issue? Maybe he took Princess Masters-Grimm on a long walk?

There’s not much to say about this issue accept it was another hit in my opinion. Ryan North does his homework. Marvel writers could learn from him. I’m giving this school project episode four out of five stars. N’kalla and Jo-venn for class president!



[alicia masters-grimm], [aunt petunia grimm], [doctor doom – victor von doom], [dogtor doom], [dragon man], [franklin richards], [invisible woman – susan “sue” storm-richards], [jo-venn], [mister fantastic – reed richards], [ms. furugori], [n’kalla], [raul richards], [robert boyle], [the thing – benjamin jacob grimm], [valeria richards]



[francesco mortarino – penciller]


[francesco mortarino – inker]


[brian reber – colorist]


[joe caramagna – letterer]

Cover Artist(s).

[alex ross – cover artist]


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