27 Feb, 2024
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Dynamite drops pages of LILO & STITCH # 2

The first wave of the new collection will be available in stores on March 20. DynamiteYou can also find out more about the following: Disney Here are a few of the covers and pages from issue two of the popular comic. Writer Greg Pak The artist Giulia GiacominoCovers from lead the charge Nicoletta Baldari, Trish Forstner, Edwin Galmon,You can also find out […]

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Young Monsters In Love – Volume 01 Issue 01

My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5 out 5. “Nocturnal Animal” Kirk Langstrom arrived at the Café in the late afternoon, to meet his wife Francine. It had been a tough three months without her, but he was determined to stop his addiction to Man-Bat. The monster had destroyed Kirk and Janet’s marriage, but the children were […]

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New Comics Online

Six new webcomics have been featured in “Column One,”Part of Rhetoric Health & Medicine’sLatest issue. Graphic RHM co-editors’ note:Catherine and Blake would like to thank RHM co-editors, Cathryn Molloy and Kim Hensley Owens, and editorial board members for their input and guidance in conceiving this new column. We would like to thank RHM associate editor […]

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Spider-Man Tangled Web #1-3 (2002): The Thousand

This is confusing. This comic cover makes it seem like it’s a satire. “The Thousand,”But for that circular logo that reads “Tangled Web”This is the series that will eventually become Spider-Man’s Tangled Web. But this is in fact the series that will eventually become Spider-Man’s Tangled Web. This first story is by the team behind […]

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Mystique & Destiny renew vows in X MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL

Back in 2012, Marvel made HeadlinesThe same-sex marriage of mutant Northstar with Kyle Jinadu was celebrated in 2009. The wedding bells ring once more, after a decade of silence. Readers can witness the secret wedding between fan-favorite Mystique & Destiny in the upcoming issue. Marvel’s Voices: PrideOne-shot title X-Men The Wedding Special. Sporting a cover […]