27 Feb, 2024
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Photographer Anne Lass, “Triple Seven”, by Anne Lass

A documentation of Berlin’s disappearing gambling dens by Danish-German photographer Anne Lass(Previously featured) Here is a link to the article). Lass lived in Berlin between 2007 and 2014. It was there that she developed a fascination with the city’s many gambling halls, visiting over 100 of approximately 500. The images show leather sofas in dark […]

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Mark Powell’s Pen Drawings Accentuate the Memories Etched into Faces and Ephemera — Colossal

 Artwork History #drawing #maps Mark Powell #pen #portraits January 31, 2024 Grace Ebert All images © Mark Powell, shared with permission The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us Mark Powell’s tender portraits, crinkled eyes and foreheads creased with age mirror highways and scrawled cursive notes. The artist (Earlier() […]

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Are we still doing white feminist shows in 2024?

Artemisia Gentileschi, “Judith and her Maidservant” (1618–19), oil on canvas, 44 x 36.61 inches (image courtesy Uffizi Gallery) MADRID — In the Book of Judith, the titular Jewish widow seduces and then beheads an Assyrian general in order to prevent him from destroying the city of Bethulia, where she lives. Judith’s harrowing decapitation became a […]

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Juxtapoz Magazine: Kristy Moreno – “The Company We Keep”.

OCHII am pleased to present The Company We KeepNew work by artist Kristy Mooney. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The Company We KeepFeatures new ceramic vessels and figures that celebrate female sisterhood and community. Moreno blends elements from SoCal Latinx culture, the sugary aesthetics associated with late 1990s girl-power, and […]

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Climate Activists Target Mona Lisa

Climate activists hurled soup in the face of the iconic Mona Lisa painting in Paris’s Louvre Museum. This audacious action raises important questions about the intersection between art, activism, environmental concerns. Art Meets Activism On a Sunday morning, in Paris, the world famous Mona Lisa witnessed a strange event. Two climate activists bypassed security barriers […]

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Vintage Postcards of Giant Trees in the Early 20th Century » Design You Trust

“Giant,” Santa Cruz Big Trees Trees have always provided us with food and oxygen, two basic necessities for our survival. As we developed, they provided us with more necessities, such as tools, medicine, shelter, and other materials. As their role grows to meet the needs created by our modern lifestyles, trees’ value is still rising […]

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Ale Casanova: Illuminating Life’s Canvas

“Valencia, with its 330 days of sunshine per year, shapes my working style and understanding of light, creating a conducive environment for my art.” Ale Casanova: A Valencian Visionary Born in sunny Valencia, Spain in 1981. Ale Casanova‘s journey in the arts began with his academic pursuit at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Excelling in […]

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A collection of work by artist Junwoo Park. Born in Ulsan, South Korea and presently primarily based in Gongju, South Korea, Park likens his artist course of with the satisfaction and exhilaration of puzzles and downside fixing: “I benefit from the strategy of freely imagining myself, following the inspiration I get from on a regular […]

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Kelly O’Dell Brings Extinct Creatures Back to Life through Vibrant Colored Glass — Colossal

 Artwork Nature #animals #extinction #glass #Kelly O’Dell #nature #oceans #sculpture January 27, 2024 Jackie Andres “Aquatic Flash.” All images © Kelly O’Dell, shared with permission Ammonites roamed marine environments with their coiled shells on before they became extinct over 65 million years. Now, they are index fossils which offer a look at a geologic […]

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One other Indigenous Curator Leaves Artwork Gallery of Ontario

Taqralik Partridge has departed from Toronto’s Artwork Gallery of Ontario (AGO), turning into the second Indigenous curator to exit the Canadian museum’s Indigenous and Canadian Artwork division inside two months. Partridge’s go away from AGO earlier this month shortly succeeds the scrutinized departure of Wanda Nanibush, AGO’s inaugural curator of Canadian and Indigenous artwork, who […]