27 Feb, 2024
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At the IFPDA Print Fair, the Magic’s in the Details

Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory may be the most romantic of New York City’s art fair venues. The historic building features a huge 1880 showroom, which is more akin a turn-of the-century train hall rather than a venue for a trade fair. After five years stationed at the Javits Center, the International Fine Print Dealer Association’s […]

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Juxtapoz Magazine, Radio Juxtapoz ep 132 : Christian Rex van Minnen Rethinks Everything At Once

Christian Rex van Minnen I decided to talk with you on Valentine’s Day. He was about be announced as the cover of the SPRING 2024 Juxtapoz QuarterlyWe wanted to talk, as two old friends would do, on a day when sharing your feelings was a rite-of-passage. We have a long history, and yes, we have […]

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The Journey Home – Van Gogh Rescued Painting

A remarkable tale unfolds in a Van Gogh masterpiece finds its way back home, wrapped in an unlikely package—an IKEA bag. Discover the journey of ‘The Parsonage Garden at Neuen in Spring’A story of art, theft and recovery. Vincent van Gogh’s 1884 work, ‘The Parsonage Garden at Neuen in Spring’, the acclaimed, is making a […]

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Capturing the Essence of Industrial Elegance in French Poster Art by René Ravo » Design You Trust

René Ravo, born in 1904 in Étampes, France, emerged as a prominent French poster designer and illustrator despite a challenging start. Orphaned at nine, Ravo’s early ambitions in drawing were cut short by the necessity to work in automobile mechanics. His mechanical background became an asset during his service in the military, allowing him to […]

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Alai Ganuza: The Artistic Alchemy of Physics and Paint

Alai Ganuza: A Journey from Physics to Artistry Alai Ganuza‘s journey to becoming an artist is as unconventional as it is inspiring. Born in Bilbao, Alai initially pursued a career in Physics, believing that art could not sustain her financially. This choice was influenced by her upbringing in a modest home and her unique family […]

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A number of latest work by artist Katia Lifshin (beforehand featured right here). Nature is a recurring theme and level of reference in Lifshin’s follow. Particularly unconventional pure phenomena resembling bioluminescence or spiral tree trunks. Hers is a surrealist world, impressed by each on a regular basis life and psychedelic experiences. Her works additionally specific […]

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Aurélie Hoegy’s Surging Rattan Forms Oscillate Between Interior Design and Sculpture — Colossal

 Artwork Design #Aurélie Hoegy #furniture #nature #rattan #sculpture February 10, 2024 Jackie Andres “WILD FIBERS Tapestry.” Image © Gordon Spooner, shared with permission Paris-based artist Aurélie HoegyHer dynamic rattan sculptural works expertly conjure a seamless vacillation of movement, material and environment. Each form is characterized by a constant ebb and flow, similar to the […]

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MoMA Shuts As 500+ Protesters Infiltrate Atrium Supporting Palestine

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan unexpectedly closed its galleries to the public at around 3:45pm Saturday, February 10, after over 500 pro-Palestinian protesters took over the building’s second-floor atrium for a massive demonstration.  Co-organized with several advocacy groups, activists and activists Staged a previous action on December 27 at John F. Kennedy […]

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Juxtapoz Magazine presents “Inkblots & Feeling Charts”, which are both universal and deeply personal.

We are always looking in the mirror. We are always looking at ourselves in the mirror, whether it is a physical mirror or an abstract concept. Consider it. Social media, self-help, advice, therapy, feelings, relationships, family, and sharing sharing sharing sharing until we can’t seem to even find what it is that we originally were seeking, seems to be […]

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John Eliot Gardiner is Anticipated to Return to Music in 2024

John Eliot GardinerIt is expected that he will make a grand return to classical music in the latter part of this year. This follows a thoughtful break, sparked by accusations last summer. What Happened Before John Eliot Gardiner is set to make his much-anticipated conducting return. His name is synonymous with musical excellence. Gardiner’s self-reflection […]