27 Feb, 2024
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Yooyeon Nam – A Spectrum of Emotions in Oil

Yooyeon Nam Solo and Group Exhibitions Nam’s artistic journey is marked by a series of notable achievements that showcase not only her dedication but also the depth of her exploration in the art world. Beginning with her first solo exhibition, “Perfect Kidnapping,”Nam set the bar for the work she would produce in the future when […]

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“American Glitch”, by Artists Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein

A selection of images taken from the new book by the multimedia artist duo Andrea Orejarena & Caleb Stein. “American Glitch”Explore the slippage between reality and fiction and how it manifests itself in the landscape of the United States. Especially in an era defined by screens, an over-abundance of information can often leave us questions […]

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Yoonmi Nam Venerates the Insignificant with Her Ceramic Sculptures of Disposable Containers — Colossal

 Artwork #ceramics #sculpture #Yoonmi Nam February 23, 2024 Grace Ebert All photos by E.G. Schempf, © Yoonmi Nam, shared with permission Most of us will quickly throw out the takeout evidence from a late night or the box of cookies we ate all in one sitting. Yoonmi NamShe preserves the remains of her consumption […]

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Documenting Ridgewood’s Abandoned Tree Beds

The average pedestrian will notice tall, flowering trees above them more than the remnants or trunks that no longer exist. Photographer Alexa Hoyer is unique: It was the derelict, abandoned sidewalk tree beds that she couldn’t ignore when she moved to Ridgewood, Queens. Fallow FramesThis project documents these artistic tableaux she discovered in her own […]

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Juxtapoz Magazine – “Como Siempre” by Isaac Vazquez Avila @ pt.2 Gallery, Oakland

pt. 2 GalleryWe are pleased to announce Como SiempreThe third solo show with San Francisco-based artist Isaac Vazquez Avila. These works, which include paintings and sculptures, developed through Vazquez’s daily walks throughout his Bernal Heights neighborhood. During these excursions the artist collected physical and visual materials for his compositions. These found parts —calling and responding to […]

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San Francisco Ballet’s Historic Gift of $60 Million

Unknown benefactors have donated an astounding $60 million to the San Francisco Ballet (SFB), marking the largest single contribution in the company’s near-century history. This gift is not only a milestone for SFB but also for American ballet. It promises an exciting future of innovation and artistic experimentation. Ballet’s Historic Moment Imagine the buzz in […]

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Spectacular Nature-Winning Photos From The Monochrome Photography Awards » Design You Trust

Winter Story by Bin Zhang, 1st place winner The 2023 Monochrome Photography Awards celebrate the creativity and artistry inherent in black-and-white photography. Photographers from around the globe submit their best monochromatic images each year to highlight its beauty and potency. More: Monochrome Photography Awards, Instagram The Leader by Xavier Ortega, 2nd place winner Among the […]

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Jo Beth Wharton: The Collage Chronicles

Crafting a Unique Voice Jo Beth Wharton grew up in Abilene, Texas, and moved to Sacramento in her 20s. From her earliest memories, Wharton’s life in Sacramento, California, has been immersed in the arts. Her childhood, a tapestry of drawing, painting, and creative play, laid the foundation for a lifelong journey in artistic expression. This early […]

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“Purple River” by Photographer Meghan Marin

A touching collection by Brooklyn-based photographer Meghan Marin (beforehand featured right here). Raised in upstate New York, Marin focuses on narrative primarily based portraiture and attracts closely from the quiet and solitude of her upbringing. Her work investigates queerness, private household dynamics, and the dualities inside small city American life. In “Red River,” Marin grapples […]

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Exploring the Unpredictably of the Human Body, Cristina Camacho Flays Symmetric Paintings — Colossal

 Artwork #Cristina Camacho #painting #sculpture February 16, 2024 Grace Ebert “Cuerpo hambriento”(2022), acrylic and canvas, 66 by 52 inches. All images © Cristina Camacho, shared with permission Cristina CamachoCanvas stretched over a skeletal structure is compared to skin. The flesh is both a protective barrier and a medium for expression. The artist peels it […]