Army Of Darkness Forever Volume 01 Issue 04
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Army Of Darkness Forever Volume 01 Issue 04

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My Rating

Rating: 4 out 5.

“Dark Deep Down”

1300 AD – Sheila and Lord Arthur’s Wiseman race through the haunted forest in search of a Deadite altar. It was there that the Chosen One’s main squeeze had witnessed the resurrection of the dark champion Evil Ash. As the two heroes approach the scene, the Wiseman acts strangely. Sheila has to explain why the altar is devoid of both army, and darkness.

Ash and his new friend are surfing the web in 1993. S-Mart’s newest housewares guru, Ted, is twenty minutes into his lecture about internet service providers and Netscape navigator when Ash springs to his feet while holding his head. Too… much… information! He scrambles to Ted’s bathroom just in time to stifle a scream. Evil Ash is waiting for him in his medicine cabinet mirror. How much more must he endure of this timeline?

Will future Ash be able to retrieve all the missing Necronomicon pages before his sexual mojo gets the better of him? Are the spider droids able to make the night night? Is that a energy rifle? Collect all the series and find out!

Reviewer Notes

Sheila is about face her own horror as Future Ash joins the Me Too movement. The comedy just keeps getting better. I’m so glad I picked up this series because it’s way more entertaining than the stuff the big two are producing.

I will repeat it. If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead franchise you should really pick this one up. From what I’ve read about the background of the Army of Darkness Forever comic book, this storyline was supposed to be the framework for the fourth installment in the movie franchise. In any case, issue four was entertaining from start to finish, so I’m giving it a solid four out of five star review. Now I have to go drink heavily and erase the Morlock sex scenes from my memory banks.



[army of darkness], [ash j. williams], [deadites], [delta – horse], [droidites], [evil ash], [king arthur], [mini-ashes], [morlocks], [sheila], [ted], [wiseman]



[justin greenwood – penciller]


[justin greenwood – inker]


[brad simpson – colorist]


[troy peteri – letterer]

Cover Artist(s).

[nick dragotta – cover artist]


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